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Nguyễn Hồng Long

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ResearcherFood Technology
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Food Technology
O2 - 706

PhD - The University of Sydney, Australia

PhD - The University of Sydney, Australia
Master - The University of Nottingham, UK
BSc (Hons) - The University of Nottingham, UK

- Bio- and bio-inspired nanomaterials
- Chemical and biosensors


  • Food Analysis
  • Food Unit Operations 1
  • Food Unit Operations 2
  • Food Microbiology Analysis
  • Meat Technology
  • Beverage Technology
  • Enzyme and Food Fermentation 
  • Food Product Development and Marketing 


  • Advanced Food Analysis
  • Advance Food Microbiology Analysis
  • Current Food Science and Technology

In the period of 2016-2022:

  • Nguyen, L.H., Oveissi, F., Chandrawati, R., Dehghani, F. and
    Naficy, S., 2020. Naked-Eye Detection of Ethylene Using Thiol
    Functionalized Polydiacetylene-Based Flexible Sensors. ACS
  • Nguyen, L.H., Naficy, S., McConchie, R., Dehghani, F. and
    Chandrawati, R., 2019. Polydiacetylene-based sensors to detect
    food spoilage at low temperatures. Journal of Materials
    Chemistry C, 7(7), pp.1919-1926.
  • Nguyen, L.H., Oveissi, F., Chandrawati, R., Dehghani, F., Naficy, S., 2021. Visual detection of ethylene based on N- heterocyclic ligand functionalized polydiacetylene vesicles.
  • Nguyen, L.H., Naficy, S, Chandrawati R, Dehghani F., 2019 Nanocellulose for sensing applications. Adv Mater Interfaces;6(18):1900424.
  • Hoang, V.C., Nguyen, L.H., Gomes, V.G., 2019. High
    efficiency super-capacitor derived from biomass based carbon
    dots and reduced graphene oxide composite. J Electroanal