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Nguyen Hoang Minh

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Junior Lecturer with an interest in global climate change effect research

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Master of Science in Marine Science, University of Texas – Marine Science Institute, 2018.
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Marine Biology, University of Western Australia (UWA)2013.
Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Conservation Biology, UWA, 2012.

Marine Biology
Conservation Biology

Climate Change Research
Marine Biology

Year 2018-19

  • Semester 1:
    • Global Climate Change (BTAR202IU)
    • Environmental Science (PE014IU)
  • Semester 2:
    • Environmental Science (PE014IU)
    • Biology Lab (BT155IU)

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Nguyen, D.H., Mai, V.-T.T., Nguyen, H.M., Vo, Q., Huynh, K.L. (in prep) Ab initio kinetics for thermal decomposition of methyl levulinate radicals. Energy

Nguyen, D.T.M., Pham, N., Mai, V.-T.T., Nguyen, H.M., Huynh, K.L. (in prep) Detailed kinetic mechanism of furyl radicals pyrolysis. Biomass & Bioenergy

Nguyen, H.M. (in prep) Challenges and Opportunities to Developing Biochronological Research in Vietnam as a Tool to Study Climate Change. Vietnam Journal of Science

Ong, J.L.L., Rountrey, A.N., Black, B.A., Nguyen, H.M., Coulson, P.G., Newman, S.J., Wakefield, C.B., Meeuwig, J.J., Meekan, M.G. (2018). A boundary current drives growth of marine fishes across tropical and temperate latitudes. Global Change Biology, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 1894 - 1903.

Nguyen, H.M., Rountrey, A.N., Meeuwig, J.J., Coulson, P.G., Feng, M., Newman, S.J., Waite, A.M., Wakefield, C.B., Meekan, M.G. (2015) Growth of a deep-water, predatory fish is influenced by the productivity of a boundary current system. Scientific Reports, vol. 5, no. 9044, pp. 1 - 6.

Raes, E.J., Waite, A.M., McInnes, A.S., Olsen, H., Nguyen, H.M., Hardman-Mountford, N., Thompson, P.A. (2014) Changes in latitude and dominant diazotrophic community alter N2 fixation, Marine Ecology Progress Series, vol. 516, pp. 85 - 102.

Raes, E.J., Thompson, P.A., McInnes, A.S., Nguyen, H.M., Hardman‐Mountford, N. and Waite, A.M. (2015) Sources of new nitrogen in the Indian Ocean, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 1283 - 1297.

Data report:

Waite, A.M., Beckley, L.E., Jeffs, A., Saunders, M., Sawstrom, C., O’Rorke, R., Raes, E.J., Thompson, P.A., Caputi, N., Sachlikidis, N., Chan, S., Wang, M., Sutton, A., Nguyen, H.M. (2014) Biological oceanography of Western Rock Lobster larvae. Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

Conference abstract:

Nguyen, H.M. (2018) Challenges and Opportunities to Developing Biochronological Research in Vietnam as a Tool to Study Climate Change. In: International Climate Change and Coastal Environment Conference 2018. Binh Duong city, Viet Nam.

Rountrey, A.N., Coulson, P.G., Feng, M., Meekan, M.G., Meeuwig, J.J., Newman, S.J., Nguyen, H.M., Waite, A.M., Wakefield, C.B. (2013) Otolith chronologies from the southeastern Indian Ocean reveal the effects of temperature and current flow on the growth of fishes in a boundary current ecosystem. In: 3rd International Sclerochronology Conference. Bangor University, Wales, UK.

Conference poster:

Nguyen, H.M., Black, B.A., Dunton, K.H., von Biela, V.R. (2017) Spatial and temporal dependence on sea ice algae in the Chukchi sea, Arctic ocean inferred from bivalve stable isotopic composition. In: 2017 American Geophysical Union Fall meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Raes, E.J., Waite, A.M., McInnes, A.S., Nguyen, H.M., Hardman-Mountford, N., Bodrossy, L., van de Kamp, J., Thompson, P.A. (2014) Sub µ-molar cycling of fixed N in the eastern Indian Ocean. In: 17th Ocean Science meeting. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.