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Welcome to the Infection Diagnosis Workshop

Welcome to the Infection Diagnosis Workshop

The School of Biotechnology (BT), International UniversityVNUHCM, in collaboration with the Institute of Medicine at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, is hosting the Infection Diagnosis Workshop from August 26th to August 31st, 2023. The workshop aims to teach students valuable knowledge of the principles and techniques to identify and characterize pathogenic bacteria from random samples and the environment around us. It is an excellent opportunity for IU students to learn directly from Prof. Kazuya Morikawa and engage with exceptional students from Tsukuba University, Japan.

Figure 1:Program ” Infection Diagnosis Workshop” at Yuri Farm và International University. 

📅 On August 26th: The BT warmly welcomed a delegation of professors and students from the University of Tsukuba at Yuri Farm. An exciting day of guiding students on sample collection techniques for use in the workshop sessions

Figure 2: Undergraduate students and graduated students of University of Tsukuba, Japan collect samples at Yuri Farm 

📅 Today, on August 28th, the BT organizes the Opening Ceremony of the Infection Diagnosis Workshop with the participation of Associate Professors and Professors from the University of Tsukuba, as well as from the School of Biotechnology and the School of Biomedical Engineering along with students from both Universities

Figure 3:Assoc.Prof Nguyen Van Thuan welcomes lectures and students University of Tsukuba to attend the Ceremony of the Infection Diagnosis Workshop at International University

The Infection Diagnosis Workshop is really a wonderful chance to stimulate cooperation between School of Biotechnology – IU and Institute of Medicine – University of Tsukuba. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for students who make new friends, and exchange their culture in the academic environment.