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Welcome new students of the Biochemistry Program – CLASS OF 2023 – Department of Applied Chemistry.

On the afternoon of September 15, 2023, the School of Biotechnology – Department of Biochemistry welcomed the IUBC-er Class of 2023 in an open and humorous atmosphere.

During the meeting, participants were given the chance to provide an overview of their personal background, areas of interest, and strategies for effective studying from their instructors and from teachers and students in previous years. Furthermore, the event serves to foster a dynamic and interactive environment that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and promotes a deeper comprehension of the chosen academic discipline for incoming students belonging to the class of 2023.

The next years at School are not only a time to learn knowledge, but also a process of self-improvement. We hope that K23 students had a wonderful first impression with their friends and lecturers of the Biochemistry Program as well as the upperclassmen of BC-ers.

In particular, to welcome new students, the Department and instructors have produced unique handcrafted presents to be sent to K23 students in order to greet newcomers.