Presentation on UPSHIFT Season 5 – Topic: Actions for the Environment

On the 11th of September, 2019, the International University will host the presentation on UPSHIFT Season 5 – Topic: Actions for the Environment, organized by UNICEF and SIHUB (of the Department of Science and Technology).

The UPSHIFT programme prepares young people from vulnerable communities to identify, analyze, and take entrepreneurial action against community challenges they care about—helping participants realize their role as agents of social change, and building their professional readiness and resilience along the way. Read here for more details: UNICEF Stories – Agents of Change in Vietnam

Mission Statement

Empower marginalized young people to realize their role as agents of social change as they identify and analyze challenges in their communities and to take entrepreneurial action to develop and lead solutions.

Target Group

UPSHIFT targets young people from the most vulnerable communities. The proposed target group includes young people ages 15-24, with a special emphasis on out of school adolescents and youth, refugee adolescents and youth, adolescents and youth living in poverty, adolescent girls and young women with reduced mobility, and other marginalized groups.

Time and Date

9:00AM – 11:30 on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019


Room A1.402 – IU Thu Duc Campus

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