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Join The 2024 Cau International Winter Program

Join The 2024 Cau International Winter Program

Experience the joy of winter at the heart of Seoul. Period: January 16th ~ February 2nd, 2024 (3 weeks)

About Chung-Ang University (CAU)

  • Established in 1916
  • Located at the center of Seoul capital city
  • 1 University in Performing Arts in Korea
  • 7th Best University in Korea

Cau International Winter Program

  • IWP welcomes students from all around the world who want to enjoy Korean culture while taking credits!
  • Students will have the opportunities to do numerous cultural and experiential activities diving right into Korean culture and make lasting friendships with fellow CAU students.
Course Credits Description

Major A

3 Students may select 1 Korean language course based on your Korean skills


Major B 2 Special along with cultural activities

Students will take the Major A as well as the Major B, and the transferable credits will be 5 in total.

IWP Cultural Activities

  • Hanbok Palace Tour
  • K_POP Dance Lesson
  • N Seoul Tower

Application Process

   STEP 1: Check whether if your school is partner with CAU

   STEP 2:

  1. If you are a student from a partner university, please inquire your school for nomination.
  2. If you are not from a partner university, please directly inquire us by email (cauwinter@cau.ac.kr)

   STEP 3: CAU will send out a link for application, so please wait for our notice.

   STEP 4: Please transfer the fee in a designated period after you receive an invoice from CAU.


Category Non-partner University Partner University
Application Fee 60 USD 0
Program Fee 3,000 USD 1,500 USD
Dormitory 250 USD 250 USD

CAU International Winter Program Farewell, 2023