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EMERGENCY: Face masks must be worn at IU at all time

EMERGENCY: Face masks must be worn at IU at all time

In accordance with guidelines provided by the Government of the SR of Vietnam in response to the threat of the Coronavirus (2019-nCov) epidemic, the International University requires all personnel and students to:

1. Wear protective face mask at all time while present the IU. Those without a face mask will be denied entry. Free masks are available from our security guards at the ground floor.

How to wear a face mask correctly:

2. We advise all to use the staircases if possible, avoid crowding up in front of the elevators.

3. Wash hands regularly with 90degrees alcohol, soap, or disinfectant solutions available on the ground floor at the A1, A2 and canteen buildings

4. Those with any respiratory symptoms, including cough, sneeze or short of breaths, must contact the medical staff at the clinic for further guidance.

To help prevent the spread of this epidemic, please follow and distribute these guidelines.

  • Hotlines:
    • Ministry of Health: 19003228
    • Hospital for Tropical Diseases (HTD) in Ho Chi Minh City: 0967.341.010
    • Children’s Hospital I: 0913.117.965
    • Children’s Hospital II: 0798.42.9841
    • Student Service Office – IU: 0283.7244270 (3334)
    • Medical Room – IU: 0283.7244270 (3369)