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Welcome to the Department of Applied Chemistry, we would like to share with everyone about the feelings of a student of their major about the orientation of Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals. For students who are preparing to register for university as well as 2nd and 3rd year students in our school, they always have questions about job opportunities as well as career development orientation in the Department of Chemistry. In this article, we will help you understand deeply the career development in the Applied Chemistry Department, especially for those of you who have a passion and love for Cosmetics Industry.

Cosmetics Industry is one of the specialized directions of our Applied Chemistry Department, including 3 courses: Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals 1, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals 2 and Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals Laboratory. Majoring in Cosmetics and Cosmeceutical will help us have more specific look at applying theories into actual products. Currently, there are many different cosmetic products used in life such as:

+ Household products: Soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, etc.

+ Skin care and beauty products: cleanser, serum, lotion, perfume, lipstick, etc.

Through 2 theoretical courses, teachers will provide knowledge from general understanding to specialized knowledge of cosmetic chemistry. From there, it helps us better understand as well as read the use of each ingredient in a cosmetic product, and how to create a finished product. In particular, contributing to environmental protection, teachers always direct students to create products with natural and environmentally friendly materials.

After completing 2 theory courses, we will practice to create our own cosmetic products through 10 practical experiments with 10 different products such as: lipstick, lotion, serum, soap, bath bomb, shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, etc. We will learn not only how to choose ingredients to suit different skin types or specific treatment problems, but also the process of making a perfect product. Here are some products from our class:

The whole course provides an overview and navigates careers related to Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals. Suitable for positions such as Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and similar positions at companies in this field.

We hope our experiences in Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals will help you in your research and career orientation in the future.