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Biochemistry Major: Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Biochemistry Major: Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

In this article, the Department of Applied Chemistry will share with students an overview of the Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. Through this article, you will be able to partly orient and make a study plan for the curriculum in the future.

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry is one of the elementary and important subjects of Applied Chemistry. This is considered as one of the first experimental subjects providing important knowledge about Analytical Chemistry in particular and Applied Chemistry in general. Through interesting lectures, students will practice basic skills of Analytical Chemistry such as how to use micropipettes, titration methods (acid and base titration), back titration (quantitative vitamin C), substitution titration and indirect titration to determine the composition (qualitative analysis) and content of constituents (quantitative analysis) of a reference sample. Besides, one of the high applicability of this subject is to help you have an overview as well as present the experimental results in the most reasonable and scientific way through the application of statistical probability. Analytical chemistry requires meticulousness as well as good skills and flexibility in each experimental step because making a mistake in a small step of the process will lead to a large deviation in the results.

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry is considered as the first step for the pathway to achieve Analytical Chemistry. Analytical chemistry offers job opportunities in many fields such as assessment and quality management (QA & QC), Environmental science and engineering.