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Biochemistry Major: Enzymology

Biochemistry Major: Enzymology

In this article, the Department of Applied Chemistry would like to share with everyone the feelings of a graduated student about the orientation of molecular biology and pharmaceutical industry. We are sure that you will enjoy this orientation!

Now, we will explore the subject of Enzymology as well as the career development direction applied to this subject. Enzymology is an important subject in the Department of Applied Chemistry. Through this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding and be able to explain the mechanisms of enzymes, a type of biological catalyst, in biochemical reactions inside the cells, and living organisms. Besides, we will learn the process to produce enzymes with high activity. Through the knowledge we have learned, we will continue to apply the procedures on a laboratory scale through practical exercises, such as determining the activity of enzymes extracted from herbs or additives, optimized products, temperatures and environments for enzymes from animals and microorganisms.

The knowledge that you learn from this course will be especially applied in key industries such as food, or pharmaceuticals, where enzymes are considered as a functional food or medicine. For example, the enzyme Papain extracted from papaya fruit is used in many indigestion products (Dizzo medicine) or meat tenderizer in cooking, or the enzyme Alphachymotrypsin is used in anti-inflammatory to reduce edema. Some positions that are extremely suitable for this subject include: Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and production executive.