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Applied Chemistry




Welcome to the Applied Chemistry Department at the International University, Vietnam National University-HCMC!

The Biochemistry program is designed for students who are interested in the chemistry of life at the molecular level. The Applied Chemistry Department at IU is dedicated to the elucidation of principles of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and particularly the intersection of these principles. In our program, you will study the chemical processes involved in Biomacromolecules and the structural implications on cellular processes. Our Department offers comprehensive programs of study in a variety of subfields of Biochemistry including Biophysical Chemistry, Enzymology, Fermentation Technology, Clinical Biochemistry and Methods in Biochemistry. Biochemistry program also supports the studies of senior students majoring either in Nutrition or Cosmetics by choosing the courses Nutritional Biochemistry, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Therapy, Cosmetics, Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Drug Development.

Areas of research in the Department include drug design, bio natural products, and human pharmacology. Our academic mission is to foster development of independent learning, thinking, and communication skills by our students and to instill in them and support an enthusiasm to achieve. Our research mission is to generate new knowledge and original concepts related to solving modern scientific problems. The Department will teach students skills in the classroom, laboratories and outside activities to be lifelong learners and promoters of science. Our students will enjoy access to modern instrumentation and research activity.

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