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Department of AquaScience

Department of AquaScience


Become a regional center of excellence for research and education in the field of aquatic resources development which promotes innovative approaches and advanced technologies to address local needs regarding food security, conservation of aquatic resources and adaptability to global climate changes


Continuously supply Vietnam and the region with quality workforces for aquatic resources development and to effectively assist local industries with technological development

Program Objectives

  • To establish a regionally well-known BSc and later postgraduate programs in aquatic resources development that attracts both Vietnamese and international students.
  • To develop three research programs on (i) effects of global climate changes on aquatic resources and environment in Vietnam and adjacent areas, (ii) conservation and restoration of valuable aquatic bio-resources and (iii) advanced aquaculture technologies in order to support the ARD academic program and assist local industries.
  • To establish an English-written scientific journal in aquatic resources development for Vietnam and maintain quality publication that helps exchange information and technologies with the rest of the world.

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