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Dean’s Welcome

Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to School of Biotechnology (BT) at International University (IU) – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC). The School of Biotechnology was established with the vision that International University-VNU-HCMC will lead the forefront in education and research in the field of Biotechnology, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Aquascience, and Biomedical Science.

Our mission is to effectively integrate learning, discovery and engagement. We also reinforce education-industry ties to enhance research efficiency and to maximize the proficiency of adding industrial value to research products. Through this interdisciplinary research and academic cooperation, we have demonstrated our promising future.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are at the heart of our dynamic and collaborative community and work in partnership with our staff who are passionate about their research and dedicated to nurturing the unique talents of each individual. Our research-led teaching approach is designed around ‘every student a researcher, every researcher a teacher’ embedding you in our global networks while having fun and contributing to wider society.

Our curriculum is individual development plan driven and competency based. It provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge in the Biotechnology, Food technology, Biochemistry, Aquacience, Biomedical Sciences and promotes a team approach to solving complex problems that we believe is essential to better understand the biological principles that govern human health and disease. It also affords students a set of transferable and marketable skills that allow them to embark on various biomedical science-related career paths.

Our School consists of four Departments, including Department of Biotechnology, Department of Food Technology, Department of Applied Biochemistry, and Department of Aquascience. Each Department has a focus on teaching and research, with both strands being woven together under the term "research-informed teaching".

Our academic members, staff and students are engaged with the communities of science and education, the worlds of industry and business, and our alumni and friends. To each individual who joins us, we promise opportunities to experience the excitement of biotechnology. We encourage you to become a part of our team-as a student, alumnus, corporate partner, scientific collaborator, or a member of our faculty and staff.

Associate Professor NGUYEN VAN THUAN
School of Biotechnology